Body Type Quiz Based on the elements, there are three main body types or “constitutions” that can become imbalanced. Take the Body Type Quiz

Radiance Retreats at Dakini Mountain Retreat Center in Tahoe National Forest. More about RR here… Read More

Meditation Training Buddhist Meditation is a pathway to discovering human goodness by making peace with our own minds… Read More

Panchakarma techniques from the ancient Yogis of the Himalayas help to cleanse, detoxify and restore our body’s natural wisdom… Read More

Consultations with a skilled practitioner help address root imbalances. Understanding what to do and when is critical for optimum health… Read More

Diet and Lifestyle provide the fuel for a vibrant life. Discover the proper methods to address for your individual health goals… Read More

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I never knew this level of health and clarity was possible. I had been searching a long time for effective natural health practitioners, and am happy to have finally found them at the Yogic Medicine Institute. My life has improved so much from being a client that I now take all the courses and classes. –Mark S, Berkeley, CA

  • I was depressed and had low energy and chronic migraines for fifteen years. After working with Derrick and the Yogic Medicine Institute, I now have great energy on a daily basis, feel happy and uplifted and haven't had a migraine in two years!–Kristin B, San Diego, CA

  • It has been a wonderful and healing experience for me to receive Pancha Karma with Aruna and Satya over the last two years. They are an amazing healing team who are deeply committed, skilled and compassionate. They live and embody the work that they do. It is a true delight to work with them!–Sheila S, Big Sur, CA