What is Vastu?

According to Vastu, our environment is a determining factor on our quality of life. It is constantly having a direct influence on us and our circumstances, and it can regulate the biological energies available for health, longevity, peace of mind, success and prosperity.

  • Vastu is an ancient system from India, the union of spirituality, science, architecture, ecology and art.
  • Literally, “Vastu” means place, dwelling, or environment. It is the language of forms, of how the material world and subtle reality are organized.
  • It is based on a set of simple principles that combine in endless ways to produce a multitude of results.
  • It focuses on how to harness the solar, lunar, geomagnetic and electromagnetic energies to support the human bio-field.

How Vastu Works

To determine the Vastu principles at play and what remediation may be necessary, a Vastu consultant takes into account many factors including:

  • The orientation, shape, slope and location of the land that the building is on.
  • The location of near-by water bodies, roads, and sources of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)

Where Vastu is Poor

  • Even the best diet and the best therapies will prove less effective because the field of energies that surround the person are constantly draining the human battery.
  • It may be difficult to concentrate, difficult to attract business or difficult to keep money that comes in.
  • even if a home or environment is attractive, poor energetics may breed unhappiness and misfortune for those related to that place.

Vastu Remediation

The effects of obstacles to good Vastu can be corrected by:

  • changes to the landscape and building.
  • placement of stones, minerals, gems and rocks with specific properties.
  • remediation of local EMF producers.

Vastu Consultations

Initial Vastu Consultation

Vastu can offer a compelling accurate account of the dynamics affecting inhabitants, their buildings and the surrounding land. This consultation outlines the basic Vastu principles at play in your location and highlights the areas that most need to be addressed for remediation or correction. Approximately 3-9 Hours Including Research and Phone Consultation to discuss findings.

On-Site Consultation

The On-Site Vastu Consultation is focused on testing the land, buildings and the rooms where you spend the most time, as well as the placement and adjustment of remediation measures to suit the specific needs of your location. Extensive testing is done to make sure that every inch of your living space has good Vastu energetics, and to educate you in how to meet that goal. Approximately 5-10 hours depending on size and landscape.

Follow Up Consultations

Depending on the size of the property, 1-2 Follow Up Consultations are required within 30 days of completing the remediations in order to complete the On-Site Consultation. Vastu is not static, a Follow Up Consultation one year later is also recommended.

Properties or Remodels

Purchasing real estate and making remodel choices are more than aesthetics and investment value. Your Real Estate can affect your life in dramatic ways. Get expert help in making a choice that will support a life of health, wealth, wisdom and joy.



Initial Vastu Consultations
$200 per hour.

On-Site Consultations
$250 per hour; $75 per hour travel time for consultants, $25 per hour travel time for assistants. $150 per hour preparing Findings Report (an important reference to have that catalogues the Vastu findings and prioritizes them).

Vastu Remediation Work with Assistants
Assistants may come to bury stones and place other Vastu remediation tools when this is not completed during the On-Site Consultation. $40 per hour, $25 per hour travel time.

Assistance in Choosing Your Property or Remodel
$200 an hour


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