“For ten years I tested positive for tuberculosis. After a year of following Derrick’s program, I tested negative – the TB is gone. That is not even supposed to be possible. The nurses made me re-test because they thought there had to be a mistake, the doctor said that once you have tuberculosis you can not get rid of it. They were telling me I would have to take medication for the rest of my life to suppress it. They retested me and it was gone. The first time I consulted with Derrick he told me that it may take a year and a half but that he could clear this with me. It was gone in one year.”

M.K.S. San Diego, CA Jan 2006

“I had ulcerative colitis, gall stones and pancreatitis. I spent the weekend of Christmas and Christmas day balled up in my bed, in severe pain, with chills and bleeding from my anus every time I ate any amount of food or drank water. My doctor wanted me to have surgery immediately. Instead I went to see Derrick and had Pancha Karma for 5 days. After only one day the bleeding and pain STOPPED! I was immediately able to eat some foods and tolerate them. After Pancha Karma I felt so much better, I began to gain my weight back immediately, I was completely emaciated and exhausted when I arrived.

After a few months of following the herbal program and diet all three conditions were gone. I have had no recurrence at all since then. I feel better than ever, I have much more energy than I can ever remember having. I have had two of my children consult with Derrick also and he has had success in treating their illnesses also. Thank You Derrick, you are a lifesaver.”

L.A.M. San Diego, CA 2006

“I have had H.I.V. for about 10 years and was completely reliant on prescription medicines to control my viral load and my T-cell counts. I came to Derrick Pawo for Ayurveda to help me with my symptoms of fatigue and acid indigestion and my joint pain and skin irritation due to my excessive body temperature from the virus.

I have had very good results with all of the symptoms. I have steady energy throughout the day now, I used to have to rest a lot and nap. My acid indigestion and upset stomach is gone now. My jaw pain is gone, my joint pain is down markedly, the bad shoulder pain I had is completely gone. My skin is no longer constantly hot and irritated, it was a major concern, I was having folliculitis, inflammation of the skin and hair follicles, my skin was very hot and irritated and very uncomfortable. That is gone now, my skin is very comfortable. But most of all, my HIV symptoms are much better. My kidney and liver tests are normal and I can sleep through the night now. I previously had to use a prescription sleep aid every night. I don’t even have to use an herbal supplement for sleep any more. My T-cell count which measures my immune strength is excellent! I am really feeling good.

Later that year:

Not only were the side effects of my H.I.V. medicine cleared by Derrick but my viral load went down from “extreme” to “nil” (undetectable). I feel really good now and my T cell count (immune strength) is fine. This is wonderful.”

B.W.M. San Diego, CA

I was diagnosed with having severe osteoporosis after bending over to pick up a pen from a seated position and breaking a rib. The ease with which I broke that bone had the doctors concerned. They ran bone scans which revealed that I had the same bone matrix of an 85 year old woman who smoked cigarettes and drank coffee every day of her life.

Yet I’m a male in my mid-40s who never smoked or drank coffee!

The doctors said I had no choice but Fosamax or similar drugs. I asked the bone scan technicians if they had seen any improvements in patients using these drugs over time, and they admitted they hadn’t. After further research I realized those remedies are incredibly toxic, and did little more than mask the problem at best.

After trying various alternative healing modalities to remedy the situation with few results, I finally (thankfully) met Derrick. He suggested a long systematic approach to dealing with this issue, and started me on a preliminary program of formulas lasting about six weeks.

Soon after completing that program and starting the next one (specifically designed to rebuild the bone matrix) a huge window slammed on my finger, falling from a great height, not only smashing the finger but lodging it into the metal window hinge, taking almost a half hour to extract. I was sure the finger was crushed. I went to the emergency room and x-rays were taken, and amazingly the bone was intact. The doctor explained that this type of impact would likely break a normal finger; in my case, he said, the bone should have shattered.

I have no other explanation for this than the formulas Derrick started me on. I am truly amazed. I look forward to continuing working with him and highly recommend him for anyone suffering from this same health issue.

A.B., Los Angeles, CA: August 2008

I’ve already been noticing a change in my bowel movements (more frequent and complete) and my period came after exactly 28 days!

horray! thank you kindly,

V.S. Grass Valley, 2008

Derrick…let me say I have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in you and my health is much improved. I am grateful to know you, to be the recipient of your expertise, and I love you for your kindness and selflessness towards me. Dr. S.E. (Medical Surgeon), Marin, CA

Derrick, Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday, what a wonderful experience to be given so much hope, care and wisdom. I’m enjoying taking all the healing products and so far they are not giving me any trouble, I feel more relaxed and content! Thank you for your joy. You truly are a gift from the Universe. Thank you for finding your calling and doing it so well, The work that you do is immeasurable. This sacred wisdom is benefiting my posterity and more to come! I look forward to our next appointment and to the time when I can bring my 18 year old daughter along for her own consultation, she has so many respiratory problems and I know that you’ll be able to help her too. You’re so amazing! How you knew that I had all that trauma to the right part of my body by simply taking my pulse! There is no doubt that you’re heaven sent! In deep gratitude,

M.B., Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I started the Detox Products last night and took the recommended dose for the other herbs this morning I feel calmer already.

H.Helmer, Berkeley, CA 2007

Derrick upgraded my corporal status from unbelievably painful and sucky to happy and vivacious. Simply put, he gave me my life back. He has solved health questions that have plagued me my whole life. I have spent the last ten years trying to heal my body without success, to the point of feeling like a hypochondriac. After working with Derrick for 6 short months, I feel as close to healthy I have EVER been.

J.R., Berkeley, CA 2007

Starting with a general state of ill health and skin that was almost green, I worked with Derrick to heal my body and experienced how powerful Ayurveda can be. I began to understand that the body, mind, and experience are inexorably connected. My health and sanity increased.
R.S., Santa Cruz, CA 2008

I was having the most intense migraine I ever experienced, insomnia, sensitivity to light, nausea, head hot and in pain, shivers in my body. Derrick Pawo gave my partner a few simple home remedies to administer to me and within 45 minutes 80% of the pain, sensitivity, and nausea were gone and I was able to relax and sleep. When I woke up the next morning I felt like a brand new person.

Thank you Derrick!

C.J.S., Los Gatos, CA 2009

Phone message to Yogic Medicine Institute:

(two weeks after a severe laceration to the hand, the wrist and the arm during a tree-cutting accident with a chainsaw):

“ Hello Derrick, It is unbelievable! The natural stuff really… really helped. I was just calling to say that my hand…well my hand is unbelievable. Last week I could see the insides of my hand moving around. The doctor said it would take 4 weeks just to get the skin to close together but its only been a week and the skin sealed up, even the deep gap that was cut out has healed together. It healed up really fast, I have used the products every day and it takes away the pain every time. I thought I would need to take the prescription painkillers but everyday it gets better. The other guys I was working with couldn’t believe it, I can’t believe it. The doctor said I definitely would not be back to work for 6 to 9 months. Its only been two and a half weeks and I am back!

When the guys at work heard I was coming in they took bets on how soon I would go home. Everybody bet I’d leave in thirty minutes or an hour. They can’t believe my hand has healed so quick and its not sore and I can use it. That stuff is amazing. If I do get any soreness or stiffness I just apply the product and its gone. The scars aren’t even bad, my hand is excellent. Thanks again.

J.M. Watsonville, CA 2009

Thank you for all your help and support. I truly don’t know how I would navigate being and having such a troublesome body without you. After taking the herbs for one day, I woke up the next day without a headache and I have been barely able to pull myself out of bed before 8 am and the last couple days I have popped up at 5 a.m. feeling rested and ready to get up which has been so amazing (since I am also bleeding).

I look forward to consulting with you again soon.

A.R., San Jose, CA, Oct 2009

Before using Ayurveda at Derrick’s clinic, I have never been successful at getting off of illegal methamphetamines for 10 years, I have gotten very skinny and very anxious and was unable to function without taking it everyday, everyday, I was so ashamed, it was awful, I was completely addicted, I was killing myself with the drugs. Some people have their coffee in the morning. I had to have the drugs and a lot of coffee just to go to work, everyday for years and years or else I could not function at all. My life was very difficult. I was completely broke and having a crisis, my leg had swollen up to twice its size with some infection and it was really painful, I was scared, and over the phone Derrick used what I had in my kitchen and it worked, the swelling came down, the pain felt much better, I was really scared but it worked, thank you, you have done so much for me. I then went to his clinic for about two hours a day for 3 days, and I was able to get over the withdrawals of the drugs, in 3 days, I still can’t believe it worked. The therapists really helped me a lot, they were so great to me, my life was a living hell, I couldn’t believe how much it helped. It really worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will tell everyone to see you, you saved my life.

-Anonymous, CA 2001

In response to our consult about my feeling so “off” after my dental work: I did the home detox therapies you suggested and it helped a lot! My head feels a lot clearer and it loosened my jaw, neck, and shoulders. Thanks a lot.

-MW, San Jose, CA, Oct, 2009

I’ve never felt more clear, grounded and relaxed than I did following 5 days of intensive cleansing with Aruna and Satya.
Bernie L – Mineral, VA

This is a unique approach to the ancient art of Ayurvedic healing that directly and effectively addresses the concerns that come out of our modern industrial era with all it’s conveniences, challenges and stresses. In that sense, it actually surpasses the traditional Pancha Karma while staying absolutely true to it’s ancient roots. It has been a wonderful and healing experience for me to work with Aruna and Satya over the last two years. They are an amazing healing team who are deeply committed, skilled and compassionate. They live and embody the work that they do. It is a true delight to work with them!
Sheila S – Big Sur, CA

The best part of doing the Ayurvedic cleanse was the depth of experience and expertise of Satya and Aruna. You want to get the most from taking the time and energy for your health.  They can help you do that.  In a surprisingly short time I made progress with a chronic health issue that nothing else had been working for and believe me,  I’ve tried plenty of methods.
David K – Penn Valley, CA

I have been getting Panchakarma treatments with the Yogic Medicine Institute’s team for eleven years now and it has literally changed my life. The therapists are all amazingly skilled, professional and kind. Their 4 handed massages are sublime. I think Panchakarma is a great option not just for the unwell but also for healthy people to cleanse their system. My life has become so much better on every level and I recommend it for anyone who is interested in natural medicine and healing.
Loraine P – San Diego, CA

Receiving Pancha Karma from Aruna and Satya has been an integral part of my journey to better health. At one time, my body was inundated with toxins that had caused me a lot of health issues, and I suffered from severe depression. Working with Derrick and using Ayurveda, and receiving Pancha Karma with Satya and Aruna was the path I chose for my healing. I am so happy I did because it changed my life for the better. I am healthier, stronger, happier, and have more energy today than I did when I was in my early twenties.
Aimee D – San Diego, CA

The treatments that I have received from Satya and Aruna have been profoundly transformative. I worked as a massage therapist for 12 years and received many countless massage and detox therapies. The work of these gifted practitioners stands out as the most luxurious, most beneficial and most wonderful by far. The combination of their  presence, vast experiece and knowledge makes for a wellness opportunity not to be passed up. I am so grateful for the improved changes in my health from the work they offer.
Adrienne F – Seattle, WA

Working with Aruna is such a joy.  When I arrive to an appointment, her bright radiant smile and authenticity start to unwind my tension before I even hit the table!  She has a sensitive touch and total commitment to healing.  Nobody has helped me through more tough detoxification, and I feel blessed to have her in my life.
Lawrence S – Boulder Creek, CA

Satya’s intuition for healing and relieving pain is unmatched.  Her gentle kind approach and deep knowledge of Ayurveda always leave me feeling completely safe and relaxed even during intense therapy.  I’ve had the good fortune to get quite a bit of bodywork in my life, and I can honestly say that she sets the bar in my experience.
Lawrence S – Boulder Creek, CA

Panchakarma transformed my body at such a deep level I was able to show more of my authentic spirit and connect to the world around me. It is the most loving spiritual physical detox journey you can partake in removing years of hard living in just weeks.
Heather M – Alameda, CA

My mother, father and I have all been treated by Satya and Aruna, they are a very talented dynamic duo! We have all been really blessed by their loving kindness and knowledge of healing. They have some special magic that allows me to deeply relax and receive the care that I so desperately have needed. Thank you so much ladies! I don’t know what my family would have done without you!
Katherine C – Los Angeles, CA

If you want every cell of your body cleansed, a complete, deep detoxification and renewal of your vital essence, while being guided and cared for by two incredible healers, look no further than the services of Aruna and Satya. My pancha karma expiences with them brought me to a new level of health, in mind, body, and spirit.
Chris C – Costa Rica

Pancha Karma with the Yogic Medicine Institute was an amazing experience.  I felt very cared for, deeply nourished, relaxed and rejuvenated.  Every person who worked on me was very warm, friendly, and supportive.  My favorite part is usually the abyhangas, the warm oil massage by skilled, sensitive, nurturing people… can’t wait to get more!
Kristine B – Redwood Estates, CA

My experiences with Satya giving Pancha Karma were powerful, effective, and immediate. Satya’s bedside manner is so kind and reassuring, full of warmth and good humor, totally relaxed and nurturing. The therapies I received completely transformed my body and mind from tense, in pain, sluggish and stuck, worn out, stressed, overwhelmed, angry and fearful – to relaxed and at ease in body and emotions, a lightness in my body that had never been there, and feeling blissful and energized, like I could take on anything. What a shift! I didn’t think such an intense transformation was possible. I recommend Satya and her wonderful cornucopia of healing arts to anyone who has a body.
Robin R – San Francisco, CA

My experiences with Aruna in consultation are that she is someone with a great deal of knowledge, experience, and passion for people’s total well-being. Her diagnoses are pinpoint accurate and lead to huge shifts in my body chemistry including greatly improved digestion, more clarity in my mind and emotions, and more positivity and appreciation for the world around me. If you work with Aruna, she will help you!
Robin R – San Francisco, CA

“The gall bladder program and the sleep program combination is amazing, works perfectly”

L.P., San Diego, CA Jan 2010

I am glad to say that I hardly ever get the low blood sugar shaky feeling anymore and my nails have stayed strong and growing rapidly since taking the supplements.

S.A., Montana, November 2009

“I just talked to my sister (the one you met when you worked on my dad).

I told her what you said about her Vastu and she made the changes we talked about, it worked! She was stuck in a lawsuit for 3 years with her in-laws that was getting worse and going nowhere. She was in debt, unhappy and felt like her marriage was suffering from all the stress. She doesn’t know anything about any of the science behind all of this but she said ok and made the changes at her home within 10 days a shift in the lawsuit happened. A decision finally went her way. Just a week ago, the in-laws finally settled and backed down from their demands. my sister as a result won the suit and had a nice enough financial gain that it put her out of debt and changed the game for her. I just talked to her about it and even she thought it was interesting how things changed after remediating her home like that and feels like things in her house are better than ever. She’s considering doing more Vastu for her house as she only did the minimum and her daughter who is also building a house in the upcoming months is likely going to Vastu her home too on her mom’s recommendation.”

“I did the home detox protocols three times. I eliminated so many gall stones. The first time I did the therapy, I probably released 100 stones. The second time I released about 300 small stones and one very large stone. The third time I also got out hundreds more.”

I just wanted to say hello, and that I am doing good, now 3 weeks since doing the therapies. I have no more sneezing, and no more congestion, I am feeling good. My gas and bloating is gone, and the inflammation in my pancreas is greatly relieved. Muchas Gracias.

L.S., Buenes Aires, Argentina, Jan 2010

Derrick saved my gallbladder! I have been having intermittent gallbladder attacks that have been very painful for the last few years.The other day my side started slowly aching while I was at work. All my muscles started cramping in my right side and back. The pain began escalating and I felt a bit nauseas but had to finish work and drive two hours home. During my drive the pain under my ribs became more intense and the cramping escalated. I had an emergency phone consult with Derrick and he advised a drink to take with specific herbs. After the drink I felt increasingly better and I was no longer doubled over. He advised a home detox therapy and after that the pain left me completely. I also looked radiant, and people remarked the next day how good I looked and how much better my skin looked. Usually the pain is ongoing for 12 hours or more and continues then subsides, and continues into the next evening. I was strongly considering having my gallbladder removed but Derrick saved my gallbladder. He thought we could save it and this was right on. Derrick advised that I could resolve my gallbladder issues from this chronic condition if I do proper protocols, consisting of self care home detox, herbs, and proper diet.   Without Derrick, I would have had to have gall bladder surgery and my liver would have continued to be toxic which was showing in my overall appearance. He saved me!!! Thank you Derrick!!! You are prolonging my life and have made it increasingly more satisfying.”

“My sister was having complications with her pregnancy, she was unable to go into labor and the baby was due, she was also having liver problems that were putting the baby at risk so the doctors were insisting she induce labor with drugs. She didn’t want to use the drugs because of their toxicity but was unable to stall any longer, her liver and gallbladder were not functioning correctly so her blood had been toxic and was a very bad risk to the baby’s health. We called Derrick Pawo and had and emergency consultation at about 8 pm at night. I had a few natural herbal products and he gave us some very simple guidance as to what to use and how to use them. Then next morning at about 8 a.m. she went into labor and had a healthy baby boy.”

“I had had one baby but I was unable to get pregnant again after that, I had been trying for a year or more. I have never tried natural medicine but Derrick Pawo took my pulse and gave me two products, I only took one bottle of each. I thought “how could this work”. It worked, I got pregnant a month later. I now have two beautiful healthy children.”