Nutrition & Cleansing
Initial and follow-up consultations focus on your health concerns and goals, achieving proper pH, dietary & supplement recommendations, preparation for cleansing, stress reduction techniques and guidance for a balanced lifestyle.

Clinic Therapies
Come to the Yogic Medicine Institute for deeply penetrating, luxurious and highly accurate detoxification treatments. We recommend coming in once a week for shorter sessions and three times a year for week long sessions. Clients with serious imbalances will need to come in more regularly at first.

Home Detox
In a Home Detox Consultation, you will be tested for toxic focal sites and the home detox practices that can most efficiently release and relieve these areas. Through Home Detox, our clients have had rapid results and felt empowered to transform their health on a daily basis in their own homes.


$250/hour with a Detox Specialist

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