Ayurveda  ·  Muscle Testing  ·  Nutrition  ·  Herbs

Module 1 – Web Classes
1 Online Video Each Week

Take your Health Counseling to the next level
Learn at your own pace
Focus on what works in practical cases

Module 1 – Practicum
3 Day Intensive

Hands On, Guided, Step by Step Training
In-Depth Support on Real Cases
Practice, Practice, Practice

You Will Learn…

  • The Science of Reliable Muscle Testing
  • Keys to Deep Healing & Reliable Results
  • Encoding & Mastering the Head Fields
  • Secrets to Safe, Effective Detoxification
  • Kidney, Minerals & Bone Health
  • Secrets of pH testing and pH Balancing
  • Foundational Testing – Mastering QRA
  • Healing the Digestion
  • Appetite, Metabolism and Elimination
  • Overlooked Infections Driving Chronic Issues
  • Parasites & the Power Chain
  • Enemas & Liver/Gallbladder Flush
  • Turning Around Non-Responsive Cases
  • Exogenous Detox: Mudding, Soaks & Castor
  • Hidden Causes of Chronic Illness
  • Dental Infections
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • EMF Remediation For Your Home and Office
  • Working with Sensitive Cases, Tough Cases
  • Tailoring Sessions to Your Clients Needs
  • Reading Ayurvedic Body Types
  • How to Start from Chief Complaints
  • Heart Health & Cardiovascular Issues
  • Hormonal Balance & Reproductive Issues

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What People Are Saying About QRA College

  • Thank you so much for making this available. Derrick is a  wonderful, caring and knowledgeable teacher. I think this is such an important program for really understanding these concepts.

  • Absolutely Awesome

  • Derrick is an amazing teacher, the way the info is presented is digest-able and great to take into practice. Anyone learning QRA should take this.

  • I love it! More! More! More

  • I am not sure how anyone could practice QRA without the practical guidance... I am much more confident every time I leave.

  • It is a must.

  • Incredibly detailed explanations.

  • I love everything we are learning...it is a must to become a proficient practitioner, hands down.