Derrick Cape is an Ayurvedic practitioner and QRA practitioner. He has practiced in the field of Ayurveda for over fifteen years as a gifted Ayurvedic Pulse Practitioner and Practitioner of PanchaKarma, the detoxification and rejuvenation system of Ayurveda. He is also a practitioner of Vastu, the science of harmonious home and work environment.

Derrick’s specialties include nutritional supplements for allergies, arthritis, chronic degenerative imbalances, environmental and metal poisoning, immune function, weight management and resolving the root cause of debilitating symptoms through nutrition and lifestyle.

Derrick’s Ayurvedic studies include extensive training including study in India and the US with Dr. Saraswati Burhman, Dr. Sarita Shrestha of Nepal, Drs. Smita and Pankaj Naram and Dr. Bob Marshall. Derrick is available for consultations on Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, and herbal remedies tailored for each person. He is able to meet anyone where they are and counsel them in a powerful personalized program for natural diet and lifestyle. He utilizes pulse assessment as well as reading the tongue, face, palm and ¬†Muscle Testing. In consultations he also conducts a brief interview and engages with clients in an educational dialogue to inform you of the many practical and simple ways you can bring health, vitality and balance to the body and mind.

Derrick teaches from the direct experience of the power of Ayurveda in effecting body, mind and emotions. His teachings are enlivened by his mastery of Herbalism and extensive understanding of Eastern contemplative traditions.

Derrick serves on the board of directors of the Yogic Medicine Institute. In addition to private consultations, Derrick offers workshops, classes, retreats and trainings. See our events page for current information. For More Information or to Schedule a Consultation Call 1.408.355.5561 or Email