Beachfront Panchakarma Retreat 

Villa Ananda

Ayurveda   ♦   Panchakarma   ♦   Meditation   ♦   Yoga   ♦   Chinese Medicine

Satya Shiva and Aruna Ross, faculty of the Yogic Medicine Institute, have offered private treatments, group cleanses and panchakarma retreats each year at destination locations worldwide. Past locations have included Costa Rica, Canada, Uruguay, Switzerland, Argentina, Cabo San Lucas, Nayarit Mexico, and several destinations across California: Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos, Berkeley, Campbell, Grass Valley, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego.

  • I’ve never felt more clear, grounded and relaxed than I did following 5 days of intensive cleansing with Aruna and Satya.–Bernie L – Mineral, VA

  • I have been getting Panchakarma treatments with the Yogic Medicine Institute’s team for eleven years now and it has literally changed my life. The therapists are all amazingly skilled, professional and kind. Their 4 handed massages are sublime. I think Panchakarma is a great option not just for the unwell but also for healthy people to cleanse their system. My life has become so much better on every level and I recommend it for anyone who is interested in natural medicine and healing.–Loraine P – San Diego, CA

  • This is a unique approach to the ancient art of Ayurvedic healing that directly and effectively addresses the concerns that come out of our modern industrial era with all it’s conveniences, challenges and stresses. In that sense, it actually surpasses the traditional Pancha Karma while staying absolutely true to it’s ancient roots. It has been a wonderful and healing experience for me to work with Aruna and Satya over the last two years. They are an amazing healing team who are deeply committed, skilled and compassionate. They live and embody the work that they do. It is a true delight to work with them!–Sheila S – Big Sur, CA

  • The best part of doing the Ayurvedic cleanse was the depth of experience and expertise of Satya and Aruna. You want to get the most from taking the time and energy for your health.  They can help you do that.  In a surprisingly short time I made progress with a chronic health issue that nothing else had been working for and believe me,  I’ve tried plenty of methods.–David K – Penn Valley, CA


For 5000 years, Ayurveda has offered practices for purification at the change of the seasons. Join Satya Shiva and Aruna Rigdzin in Mexico for a traditional and deep spring cleansing and detox. Eight days and seven nights of Panchakarma purification, yogic wisdom, meditation and relaxation for the body, mind and spirit.

     ♦   Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Classes

     ♦   Daily Yoga and Meditation Practices

     ♦   Ayurvedic Consultations and Panchakarma Treatments

     ♦   Private or Shared Rooms with Private Bath & Patio

     ♦   Exquisite Vegetarian Meals, Fresh Fruit, Vegetable and Herbal Juices

     ♦   Beachfront Pool, Gardens and Pristine Beaches for Walking Meditation



♦   Garshana: Skin Brushing
♦   Abhyanga: Traditional Herbal Oil Massage
♦   Svedana: Steam Therapy
♦   Pizichili: Luxurious Oil Treatment to Rejuvenate Nervous System
♦   Udvartina: Dry Herbal Lymphatic Massage
♦   Pinda Swed: Warm Herbal Compress Therapy
♦   Lepa: Mud, Clay and Herbal Detox Packs
♦   Chinese Cupping and Moxa Therapy
♦   Acupuncture and Acupressure
♦   Basti: Herbal Colon Cleanse
♦   Internal Flush: Liver Gallbladder Cleanse
♦   Neti & Nasya: Ayurvedic Head & Sinus Treatment
♦   Shirodhara: Herbal Oil Head & Scalp Treatment

** Individualized Daily Therapy plan based on Consultations



♦   Tibetan Yoga & Subtle Body Practices
♦   Hatha Yoga & Bliss Yoga
♦   Yogic Breathwork
♦   Walking & Seated Meditations
♦   Yogic Cleansing Practices



♦   Exquisite Gourmet Organic Vegetarian Cuisine
♦   Ayurvedic menu prepared with local fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs
♦   Detox Teas & Cleansing Tonics
♦   Individualized Herbal Preparations



♦   Beautiful White Sand Beaches & Ocean Front Swimming
♦   Entering Silence ~ 24 Hours Fasting from Speech
♦   Tropical Paradise with blue skies & emerald mountains
♦   Oceanside Pool and Gardens



♦   Environmentally Conscious, Unique and Sacred Facility
♦   Choice of Private Suites or Shared rooms
♦   Beautiful Accommodations, Linens and Soap Provided
♦   All Rooms have Private Bathroom and Patio



♦   7:30am     –  Light Vegetarian Breakfast, Cleansing Teas and Tonics
♦   9:00am     –  Tibetan Yoga & Meditation
♦   10:00am   –  Pancha Karma Therapies or Free Time
♦   1:00pm     –  Delicious Vegetarian Lunch
♦   2:30pm     –  Pancha Karma Therapies or Free Time
♦   6:00pm     –  Ayurvedic Dinner
♦   7:30pm     –  Classes, Consultations, or Free Time
♦   8:15pm     –  Bliss Yoga & Meditation



Essentials Detox – Basic Cleansing Program
♦   Transport to and from airport
♦   2 Ayurvedic Consultations, Entry and Exit
♦   Daily pulse and check-ins
♦   Daily Treatments based on consultation, 1.5 hour session / day
♦   Includes All Classes, Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals, Detox Teas & Tonics
♦   Guidance will be offered for mild to moderate cleansing
♦   Double Occupancy Shared Room: $3425

Deluxe Detox – Pancha Karma Cleansing and Rejuvenation Program
♦   Transport to and from airport
♦   Entry, Exit and Daily Ayurvedic Consultations
♦   Daily pulse and check-ins
♦   Daily Individualized Pancha Karma Spa Treatments, 3 hours / day
♦   Includes All Classes, Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals, Detox Teas & Tonics
♦   Full support for offered for moderate to intensive cleansing
♦   Private Room, with Private Bath and Patio: $5450
♦   Double Occupancy Shared Room: $4950

Detox Packages



♦   Journal and Pen
♦   Layers of Clothes for Indoor and Outdoor Activities
♦   Bathing Suit
♦   Walking Shoes, Water Shoes, Sandals


♦   Unplugging   – cell phone, computer, digital appliances
♦   Unwinding    – quiet relaxed atmosphere, dropping the stresses of everyday life
♦   Silence         – the group will enter into ceremonial Silence for 24 Hours during the Retreat
♦   Community   – group meals and classes create new connections