Great Skin and Ayurvedic Massage

Our skin is like a great magnifying mirror, reflecting the internal health and vitality of our organs and physical body. The ancient texts of Ayurveda describe the numerous benefits of Ayurvedic oil massage, including strengthening our skin  (Twak Dridh Kar) while also improving the color and texture (Mrija Varn Bal Prad).

According to Ayurveda (the traditional medical system of India, literally translated as “life-knowledge” or ‘life-science”), dry skin is one of the first signs of disturbed “wind” element. Dryness can be caused by many factors including cold or dry weather, excessive movement or travel, central heating, drying foods, sensitive digestion, mental work, worry and anxiety.

Ayurvedic Oil massage is one of the prime remedies for dry skin, while regular application also strengthens the skin tissue system, improves the texture and imparts a healthy vital glow. High quality organic oils such as sesame, coconut, almond and wheat germ are especially healing for the skin and are easily absorbed. Herbs such as tumeric, neem, sandalwood and manjistha are often combined with the oils to further detoxify, nourish and repair the cells of the skin.

A traditional Ayurvedic massage is given by two therapists, using generous quantities of herbal oils with synchronized movements, all coordinated with the breath. The synchronization of breath and movement help foster a state of deep relaxation for the receiver. The massage can also be given by one therapist, or even done as self-massage. Daily self-massage with high quality herbal oils is a common health recommendation in Ayurveda and often called “man’s best friend” due to it’s capacity to relieve aggravations and imbalances, remove strain and stress, while simultaneously nourishing all of the tissues, rejuvenating the senses, and increasing virility and strength.

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